Relocation Specialists

Relocation Specialists

Finding a new home can be quite cumbersome, especially if you are moving for the first time to a new destination.   From purchasing/renting the perfect home to locating the best school, a new car, contacting your consulate, family entertainment, immigration requirements and even shipping of personal items.  You need to have your very own relocation experts.

We are not here to sell you a house in the Bahamas, but a home.

 1) Who we are:

We are a family helping families find a home.

2) What we do:

We successfully relocate you and your family from one home to the next.  By working with professional trustworthy companies, we are your primary contact allowing you to avoid the unknown world and endless confusion and lastly wasters time. We are built on the concept of “no one experience is the same”.  Therefore every single client is important to us.  We provide our clients with the services they require to comfortably start a new life……plain and simple.

We provide:

  • Schools and enrollment
  • Immigration
  • Consulate
  • Transportation
  •         Pick up from airport and rental car / purchase of car
  • Places to know
  •          Top food stores
  •          Shops
  •          Entertainment
  •          Furniture
  • Utility services
  •          Electricity
  •          Phone – land and cellular
  •          Cable
  •          Water
  • Shipping
  •          International and local

And much more!!

3) How to get started: 

Email us using the form below to speak with an agent and obtain a quote.

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