Investment Incentives

Investment Incentives

Investment incentives under the following Acts include exemption from the payment of customs duties on developing materials, equipment and accepted raw materials; and exemption from real property taxes for durations up to twenty years:

The Hotels Encouragement Act
The Industries Encouragement Act
The Agricultural Manufactories Act
The Spirits and Beer Manufacturer Act
The Export manufacturing Industries Encouragement Act
The Free Trade Zone Act.

Note: Custom duty exemptions do not apply to personalized consumables.

Investors may acquire publicly owned lands for approved developments on concessionary terms

Investors may acquire low cost space for lease for industrial enterprises Government will provide special training and retraining for Bahamian workers to ensure the continuing availability of a highly skilled labour force.

Preferential Trade Incentives

Business located in The Bahamas may benefit from the following preferential trade arrangements:

The Lome Convention
General system of Preference (GSP)
Caribbean Basin Initiative.